Shipping & Delivery

According to our sculpt; every shirt is made from graze. First, a pattern is made, based on your measurements and preferences, and then the ordered dress shirt is stitched by our experienced tailors. We ship your dress shirts by mail around the globe; shipping depends on the mode of delivery are as follows:-

Normal Orders

All orders are though booked online through our website. By choosing the option normal service will instruct us to move your order within the time-frame given under the normal service. It takes around 2 weeks in production and 3 to 5 days in shipping depending upon the shipment method you choose. If order is outside US & Canada, please add additional 3 to 5 days in order to get it done.

Rush and dated orders

We offer an Express Shipping alternative for the delivery to the 49 adjacent states. You can receive your order within standard delivery time which is 12-15 days, but we can frequently put up 6-9 days rushes. If you need your order to be delivered urgently for any special event, just ring us we will find out the possibility how quickly we can deliver your order to your doorstep. Our customer services department can help you for your queries to avoid any problem.

If you want to get a faster shipping technique, then you would need to either get in touch with us before your order begins production to process a shipping upgrade or you would need to cancel this order and place a new one with the upgraded shipping method.

We send out orders through shipments once a week via UPS courier service. Our schedule can help you understand precisely when your custom made shirt will be couriered and when you will essentially have it in your hands.

Fit/trial Shirt Orders

We expedite trial shirt in 2 weeks. Add 3 to 5 days for delivery.

Tracking Your Order Online

To find out if your order has started production, please sign into your account in our website check the status of your order through tracking number you’ve got.  If you've placed your order as a guest, you can follow the link in your order confirmation email to look into it.

If your order is still waiting to be processed and it is during our office hours, which are Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET, feel free to give us a call to upgrade your shipping. You can reach us at 1-800-381-0815.

Note: Once an order has shipped, we are not able to change the shipping method, i.e. Premium to Express.

Cancellation Policy

If your order has not started manufacturing but you are failed to inform us to raise your order, then the solution is to cancel your order by clicking on the "Cancel" button. Resultantly, your payment will be returned to you as per our policy. After that, you can raise or place a new order online at your expediency by choosing the shipping method that suits you perfectly.

Return Policy

We offer 30 days approved time period on all returns to facilitate our valuable clients. You may return shirts for the subsequent reasons only:

  1. Either your ordered shirts have imperfect stitching or low class material is used.
  2. Or the order is not made as per the method and dimensions you supplied. Important to note that we adjoin a vital industry typical grant when cutting / stitching your shirts. ½ inch is appended to the neck while 1 inch to the sleeve dimensions you supplied. Besides, in order to keep a cushion for contraction allowances. We have to adjoin 6 to 8 inches to the torso but it depends on the type of fit you have preferred for growth and suppleness.
Important: Please call (855) FIT NICE (855) 348 6423 or write to to get an authorization email from us before returning the product / order. FYI, the original shipping charges can’t be reimbursed.

Shipping Charges

Please see shipping charges below. We understands that getting your items quickly is important to you, so we make every effort to process your order quickly.

US/Canada Shipping Charges
No. of shirts Shipping Charges
(Per Shirt)
1 $13.50
2 $9.90
3 $8.50
4 $7.70
5 $7.10
6 $6.70
7 $6.40
8 $6.20
9 $6.00
10 $5.90
11 $5.80
12 $5.70
13 $5.50
14 $5.40
15 $5.30
15+ $5.00
International Shipping Charges
No. of shirts Shipping Charges
(Per Shirt)
1 $32.50
2 $20.50
3 $15.50
4 $13.00
5 $11.50
6 $10.00
7 $9.50
8 $8.50
9 $8.00
10 $7.50
11 $7.50
12 $7.00
13 $6.50
14 $6.30
15 $6.00
15+ $5.50

Domestic shipping charges apply to orders from USA and Canada. All other countries incur international shipping charges.


We do not ship to East Europe, Central & South America, Russia, Israel and African countries.